Coming Home to Merriment Bay

Part Three: Christmas
Cat and Kyra have finally traced the man in the photo they found in Viola’s trunk – thanks to Amias. But Bailey Mitchell lives thousands of miles away and is almost ninety-eight, so meeting him in person is never going to happen. Which is just as well. Exchanging Christmas cards and chatting on social media leads to revelations Cat had not expected.

At least Christmas is looking promising. It may be freezing outside but things have definitely thawed between Cat and her mum, Mary. They’re actually getting on, especially now that Mary is dating Jeremy Stone, the builder working on Viola’s house.

Cat’s also hopeful that Viola’s situation may improve. And when a surprise visitor brings more than just well wishes, Cat’s Christmas takes a delightful turn.

With the festivities in full swing, and snow falling on Merriment Bay, the future’s looking bright. Christmas is a time for miracles and Cat believes she may get one of her own this year if she’s prepared to put the past behind her and open her heart to Love once more.

This is Part Three of a four-part serial:
This is Book Three of Emily Harvale's Merriment Bay series which is interconnected to her Wyntersleap series. Each series can be read alone, but several characters appear in both series.

Published: November 2019
Brilliant book can't wait for the next !!
"Omg I love this series I don't want it to end. Another brilliant book by a brilliant author"
Another excellent read
"I have been reading when I should have been doing other things, the story moving along so brilliantly. Thank you."
Wonderful Read
"Loved part 3 of the Merriment Bay series, reading the twists and turns of the characters. Can't wait for part 4 to discover what happens to everyone."