Weddings and Reunions in Seahorse Harbour

There's more than one wedding being planned in Seahorse Harbour - but will they get their 'Happy Ever Afters'?
Josie’s feeling anxious. Everyone in Seahorse Harbour is getting married – except her and Liam. And her twin sister, Diana is miserable. Diana’s just discovered the man she loves, loves someone else, and that’s come as a nasty shock.

Portia’s getting married and wants wedding planner, Bree for her ‘Big Day’. But Bree has more bookings than she can manage … and she’s seven months pregnant. Best friends, Mia and Ella offer to help, but is that a wise decision? Or will it put a strain on all their relationships?

This isn’t the only wedding being planned in Seahorse Harbour, and when rumours fly, tempers flare. Will Portia’s dream wedding turn into a bit of a nightmare for everyone? Or will they all get their ‘Happy Ever Afters’?

This is book 6 in my series of standalone novels set in the tiny, seaside village of Seahorse Harbour.
It also catches up with Mia, Ella and Bree from my Lily Pond Lane series.

Published: July 2021
Great story
"I love these stories about Seahorse Harbour, love to hear about all the great characters. This was also a great story, lots going on. Couldn't put it down but was sorry to come to the end. I hope Emily writes more about this lovely location."
"How lovely to catch up with the characters again, it feels like they are a part of our circle of friends, I will miss them now. It's great to get lost in the joys of this wonderful book."
Another super read from Emily
"I have loved the books in this series and this one was no exception. Familiar characters, humour, twists and turns and a happy ending. What more could you want?"