Walking on Sunshine

You simply need to take that step.
Lucy Draycourt loves her job – or so she keeps telling everyone – but her friend, Beatrix Welsley says Lucy needs to ‘find herself’… so they’re going to Beatrix’s, Aunt Petunia’s wedding. Lucy can’t see how this will help, and besides, she doesn’t need to find herself. Just because she was given away at birth doesn’t mean she’s ‘lost’. Who cares that she was adopted? Her childhood was perfect so it doesn’t bother her. Or does it? Is her search for recognition really a search for something else? And is there any chance she’ll find it at Petunia Welsley’s wedding?

Evan Foster needs a break. He’s done nothing but work for several years and his life is frankly, a mess. The invitation to Uncle Bartram’s wedding has come at the perfect time. Or maybe not. Two years ago, Evan’s fiancée ran off with his business partner and it’s now abundantly clear that they’re not coming back. Evan needs to make plans for the future, but it’s difficult to move forward when you’re still living in the past.

But as Petunia Welsley, the bride-to-be would say: 'You can't see the sun if you're staring into clouds'. Sometimes all you need to do is take a step in a different direction and you’ll be walking on sunshine.

Published: July 2016
Love in hideaway down
"Third in the series please write some more think you’re on to a winner again no tv just reading your book till I finished it and thoroughly enjoyed it."
Good book to "get lost in"
"Thorough enjoyed this book didn't want to put it down. Looking forward to reading next Hideaway Down book."
Angela123 Walking On Sunshine
"Another good read from Emily, her books are really really great, once you start to read them you never want to put them down. I really like the Hideaway down series so warming and funny with the added romance. I have read all of Emily's books and enjoyed them all."