That Winter Night

It only takes a moment to change your life...
Naomi Hart is sure her life can’t get any worse, but on her way to Betancourt Bay to celebrate her wealthy and successful sister’s wedding, Naomi’s car breaks down, she snaps a heel on her favourite boots, and her handbag is stolen.

Seeking shelter and a phone in Betancourt Bay Café, Naomi finds a £2 coin on the pavement. It’s not enough for a comforting hot chocolate, as the grumpy café owner tells her, but it is enough for a Lottery ticket. And when a handsome stranger comes to Naomi’s aid, she’s convinced her luck is changing.

With the wedding fast approaching, Naomi decides to follow her own dreams and find a way to have the café she’s always wanted. If she wins anything in the Lottery, that will help. And she’ll share any good fortune with others.

Plus, she’ll search for the man who helped her on that awful winter night. Because the moment their eyes met, Naomi knew what she’d love to win – the handsome stranger’s heart.

All books in this series can be read as standalones. If you are reading the entire series, please read in order, to prevent spoilers.

This series can also be read with the Locke Isle series. Some characters appear in both series, but again, all books are standalone.