That Special Something

Hope loves her life. But is it missing something (or someone) special?
Hope loves living with her close-knit family in Betancourt Bay, and working for their business, Eversley Events. Yet she’s feeling something may be missing in her life. But Hope doesn’t have time to concern herself with that.

The business diary is packed, and with so many celebrations scheduled, including five for friends and family, it’s testing even Hope’s many talents. Especially as one is her best friend’s wedding and another is a surprise for someone close.

But Hope believes everyone deserves at least one magical day and is determined each event will be perfect, despite some minor irritations. Like the unwanted attention of a love-sick friend. And a successful cosy crime author, plotting Hope’s ‘murder’ for his new book.

They aren’t the only distractions. There’s the exceedingly demanding (but extremely handsome) new client Hope has taken on. Oh, and her ex-boyfriend is back – looking better than ever – which is the last thing Hope needs. Whatever may be missing from Hope’s life is going to have to wait…