Ninety Steps to Summerhill

Sophie isn't looking for love; she's looking for long-lost treasure.

Sophie Summerhill believes in Fate and she's in Goldebury Bay for only one reason: to find the fabled, long-lost, Summerhill treasure. When she finds it, she's going to sell it and head for a life of luxury in the Caribbean.

But first, she has to solve the mystery of an ancient feud between local families: the Beaumonts, the Suttons and the Pollards and to do that, she will need some help.

What she doesn't need is good-looking journalist, Timothy Richards asking questions. Or a man who's just lost everything - the darkly handsome, Thaddeus Beaumont, taking on the role of 'knight in shining armour'.

In fact, Sophie must try to avoid Thaddeus. He might find out what she's trying to keep hidden from everyone in Goldebury Bay, and particularly from him.

Published: June 2015

Another slice of joy!
"A feel good book full of attractive people and happy conclusions yet never slipping into Mills &Boon territory. I have things to do so shouldn't download the next in series. Oops, too late!"
The best yet
"I love the storyline as it includes tales of hidden treasure, witches and romance. I love the new character Sophie and the way we discover more of the previous characters such as Thaddeus. All of Emily's books are excellent, this one is however by far Emily's best book and I can't wait for book three in the series."
Loved it
"I absolutely loved this story as I did with the first in this series of books. The story captivated me straight away and enjoyed the ups and downs as the story unfolds, l also liked getting to know Sophie and catching up with the other characters from the first book. I really recommend this book to anyone who like romance set a beautifully described setting. Loved it!"