Ninety Days of Summer

Cleo knows a secret...

Sixteen years ago, in the middle of the night, Cleo Merrifield and her parents left her Aunt Clara's house in Goldebury Bay. Cleo also left the two young men who loved her, Oliver Sutton and Thaddeus Beaumont. Now Cleo's back and ... she's brought her best friend, Poppy.

Long, hot days and sultry nights, gorgeous men and chilled champagne seem the perfect summer cocktail for two thirty-something girls, intent on having fun. But Cleo knows not everything is as it seems in the picturesque seaside resort; that includes Aunt Clara. And secrets have a way of getting out.

When gossip spreads like wildfire, Cleo's hopes go up in flames. Then Poppy uncovers an even bigger secret.

Published: September 2014

"Loved this book, the characters are so real you can almost touch them. Now for book 2 and 3"
Definitely a good summer read
"What a lovely book to read. I've never read a book by Emily before and I ordered her second one. Such a good story line and the characters were good and portrayed very well."
Ninety Days Of Summer
"I have read many romance novels but this one was brilliant. Lots of humour, mystery and unlike some kept you guessing until the end as to who was pairing of with who. Looking forward to reading another Goldebury Bay book."