It Takes Two

The last thing on Ali’s mind is marriage – but it seems to be on everyone else’s.

Alison Warner knows love doesn’t always last. Wedded bliss is hit and miss and she’s not taking any chances. She’s the daughter of divorce lawyers, so Ali knows the statistics by heart. Now her parents are adding to the numbers and Ali’s more certain than ever: marriage is not for her.

Others do not share her views. Her cousin Sasha’s got engaged; her best friend Jules is giving ‘Bridezilla’ new meaning and even her crazy gran, Gertie’s dogs are getting hitched. When her life-long friend, Simon Hart unexpectedly proposes, Ali’s convinced the world’s gone mad.

Having an arrogant new boss is the last thing Ali needs right now. Aidan Rourke has come to run The Shimmering River and Water Sports Centre – a job that should have been Ali’s. But at least she can be sure of one thing. Marriage is definitely not on Aidan’s mind. Although it’s abundantly clear something else is...

Published: July 2017

Love in unexpected places
"I loved this story and have read it in one day! A love story at its best. Watch Ali transform from someone who has a jaded view on love and marriage to someone that realises love can be found when you least expect it! Also true love is worth fighting for!"
"Thank you for this amazing love story had me gripped from the beginning. Love your books and thank you again fabulous."
Emily does it again!
"Excellent, light hearted read. Romance, laughter and a hint of mystery - perfect summer reading."