Friendships Blossom in Clementine Cove

Good friends can help you find your happy ending.

Iris Talbot’s enjoying life. She’s got a gorgeous, clifftop cottage overlooking a bay, a successful business as a voice coach, a hot, hunky chef keeping her happy in and out of the kitchen, with no strings attached, and her best friend lives close by. Okay, she’s on the wrong side of thirty-five, but forty’s years away.

Rosie Parker’s living a double life. She’s the dutiful, spinster sister of the village vicar … and an online gambler. And gambling isn’t her only vice. Luckily, Rosie’s very good at keeping secrets. She’s been doing that for most of her fifty years. Now Rosie could have a different life. Except it’s one she never imagined could ever make her happy.

Stella Pinkheart isn’t living the life of her dreams. But time has a way of creeping up on you. One minute you’re in your twenties and in love; the next, you’re in your seventies – alone, and getting by on a school teacher’s pension. Things might’ve been so much better … if only Stella hadn’t made certain choices.

Can these three very different women learn something from each other? And maybe even help one another achieve their dreams, when changes impact on their lives, and strangers arrive in the village.

This is book 3, the final in the Clementine Cove series, but each book can be read as a standalone.

Published: May 2022

Friendships Blossom is another winner!
"I love all of Emily Harvale's books and this is very certainly no exception! I really enjoyed this book- brilliant from cover to cover!"
Fabulous read
"As always Emily has done it again. Another fantastic book full of love joy and happiness. Once I pick up one of Emily’s I cannot put it down. I recommend anyone read any of her books. I cannot wait for the next book."
"Another fantastic book from Emily. I love all the characters and their friendships, it's like being part of their group reading their stories. A lovely book."