Dreams and Schemes at The Seahorse Inn

A dream. A scheme. An undeniable attraction.
When Mikkel Meloy discovers Seahorse Harbour Holiday Park together with half of Little Wood, is up for sale, he knows he has to buy it. Mikkel needs a project to take his mind off his recent heartbreak and he’s got big plans to transform the rundown caravan park and the tranquil area of woodland into a holiday haven of eco-cabins.

Unfortunately for him, he's not the only one interested in the place, and as the eldest daughter of the owner of the chain of hugely successful Trulove Hotels, Portia Trulove isn’t used to anyone getting in her way. Sparks fly the moment Mikkel and Portia meet but neither can deny the instant attraction between them.

Despite Mikkel not being entirely sure he’s over Diana Dunn, the woman who recently broke his heart, and Portia making it clear she’s not about to fall in love with anyone, it isn’t long before those sparks turn into flames and Mikkel and Portia are sharing more than angry words.

But is Portia genuinely interested in Mikkel? Or is this merely a scheme to throw him off balance? Because only one of them can succeed in fulfilling their dreams by getting their hands on the object of their desire – Seahorse Harbour Holiday Park.

And rumour has it that Portia Trulove will do anything to get what she wants.

This is book 5 in my new series of standalone novels set in the tiny, seaside village of Seahorse Harbour.

Published: April 2021
Emily’s best book by far!
"Wow, just when I thought Emily’s books couldn’t get any better along came this one! I have read all of Emily’s books but the story line, characters and steamy romance and hot sex in this book left the rest of them on the shelf! Buy this book and be prepared to not put it down, then wear a huge smile on your face once it’s finished. Emily you’ve more than worked your magic with this one - can’t wait for the next one"
"Another great book from Emily. Loved it from beginning to end. Had to read it all in one go."
Very enjoyable read full of romance and friendship
"Heartwarming, relaxing and enjoyable read, Emily has done it again. I loved this book which is the next instalment in the Seahorse Harbour series but can be read as a stand-alone if you’ve not come across Emily’s works yet. I thoroughly recommend this and Emily’s other books they are a lovely bit of escapism in your daily routine."