Christmas at Clementine Cottage

Curl up with a hot chocolate and enjoy the perfect Christmas with this fabulously festive treat.

Elodie Abbott loves Christmas, so she’s not exactly thrilled when best friend, Iris asks her to go to a village Elodie’s never heard of just as the festive season kicks off, to help Iris sort out her recently deceased, Uncle Stanley’s cottage.

At least there’s an upside. Clementine Cottage is grander than it sounds; the village is idyllic and Archer Rhodes, the owner of the village pub, The Bow and Quiver, is seriously hot. But it doesn’t take a genius to work out Uncle Stanley wasn’t popular.

When Elodie and Iris discover Stanley’s been keeping more than a close eye on all the villagers, they soon start to understand why. Everyone in Clementine Cove appears to have a secret – including Archer Rhodes. And Stanley knew them all.

Elodie and Iris begin to unwrap the village mysteries, but now Elodie’s hiding something of her own. She’s falling for the gorgeous but equally stand-offish Archer, and that could be a problem. Especially if Archer’s secret is as bad as she and Iris believe.

But as the temperature plummets, and the village is blanketed in snow, things soon warm up in Archer’s pub. And with the Christmas festivities in full swing, will Elodie and Iris uncover more than they expect beneath the twinkling lights and Christmas sparkle in Clementine Cove?

This is book 1 in my new, Clementine Cove series, but each book can easily be read as a standalone.

Published: November 2021