A Summer Escape

One lonely, heartbroken woman. One struggling, single dad. One extraordinary summer.

Geneva McBriar has beauty, brains, a perfect body, and wealth. Thanks to a supermodel mother and a workaholic father with movie star good looks and a thriving property empire, Geneva has everything - except love.

After the only man she’s ever wanted falls for someone else, and a woman tells Geneva some home truths, she takes a long, hard look at herself. She’s as controlling as her bullying father and as selfish as her petulant mother. Something needs to change. She needs to change. It’s time to escape her golden chains and find what matters.

What matters most to Ward Locke is his young daughter, Eve. Keeping his island ferry business going and bringing enough tourists to Locke Isle to sustain the needs of the other residents and business owners, comes a close second. Saving crumbling Locke Keep comes third. As for finding love – that’s not even on his list.

Will this be the summer that changes everything?

All books in this series can be read as standalones. If you are reading the entire series, please read in order, to prevent spoilers.
This series can also be read with the brand new, Betancourt Bay series. Some characters appear in both series, but again, all books are standalone.