A Slippery Slope

Love shouldn’t be an uphill struggle

Verity Lawton’s fortieth birthday surprise from her husband, Tony isn’t quite what she’s expecting and she needs to get away. Is joining daughter Lucy as a chalet girl in France a step too far? Verity’s cooking is more ‘bleurgh’ than cordon bleu but how difficult can it be to make crème brûlée?

Chalet Marianne looks like a dream and so does the owner, Josh Calder. But being a chalet girl involves more than sitting by a fire watching snowflakes fall or dancing the night away. Josh has several rules – and they don’t include Verity snapping at him every time he opens his mouth, taking in a stray dog that seems to have forgotten its job description, or setting the kitchen on fire.

Verity’s on a slippery slope – and it’s about to get much worse. When her own mother arrives, along with a repentant Tony, it’s time to make a choice. But is it really hers to make? And will things work out for the best, or is it all downhill from here?

Published: April 2014

Ski your way into someone's arms
"What a fantastic story, I was totally in love with Josh Calder, I think he is bemused by the behaviour of the newest chalet girl, Verity Lawton. You are really there whilst the story unfolds, which is a mark of an incredible storyteller. I loved the fact that this all takes place in a French ski resort, the log cabins and huge warming fire, there's nothing better than this feel good tale. I loved it Emily Harvale does it again!"
A Slippery Slope
"I absolutely loved this book. The main characters are fun and if I am honest, I kind of fell for Josh myself.
I have read all books by this writer and can honestly say that I have enjoyed each and every one. I don't know what I'm going to do until she releases her next book! Once again, this is a fantastic read for anyone looking for a good romantic read."
Another brilliant Emily Harvale escape!
"From the moment I started reading I knew I would be in for some late nights. Emily Harvale has a knack of making you feel like the characters are people you know and I was in from the start. I felt like I was a guest in the chalet watching the goings on. I have read all of Emily Harvale's books and this definitely ranks as one of my favourites. Another book soon please!!"