A not so secret Winter Wedding

Meg’s at this wedding to get an inside scoop – not to fall in love.
Meg wants an inside scoop – but will she get more than she bargained for?

Meg Holt loves working for the local newspaper and writing her quirky, bridal advice column, Aisle, Altar, Hymn. But Meg has bigger dreams; she’s just not sure how to achieve them. Until she hears a secret…

Pop icon, Lucinda Revere will marry ski-racer, Cody Clayton at an exclusive winter wonderland resort and Meg can get an inside scoop. There’s only one problem – Meg’s not on the guest list.

Winter sports photographer, Rick Price may not believe in marriage but as best man to his life-long friend, Cody, he’ll perform his role to perfection. Including keeping away excited fans, uninvited guests, and most importantly, the press.

Meg’s instant attraction to Rick seems mutual, but Meg has more pressing concerns than the feelings Rick arouses. Like this wedding being cancelled unless she steps up to save it. Yet to do so will blow her cover, and risk her losing the scoop of the year. Along with Rick, once he knows the truth.

Will Meg get what she came for? Or will she go home empty-handed?

This is book 2 in the Norman Landing series. Book 1 is Saving Christmas. Each book can be read as a standalone.