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It was difficult to say a final 'goodbye' to Mia and the gang in my Lily Pond Lane series but it was time to move on and finish the new series I'd put on hold. More about that below, but first, let me tell you about my next book. It's called Christmas at Wynter House and it'll be out at the end of September. The cover and the blurb have been revealed to my Readers' Club members and I can't wait to share this fun, romance with you. It'll be available to pre-order soon.

My new series will be out later this year and the first of the four-part serial will be available in October. It's loosely based on something that happened to my grandmother and that's the thread running through the four parts. There are also lots of other things happening throughout and I hope you'll fall in love with all the quirky characters in this exciting new series.

I'm also working on a new standalone book which has a bit of mystery/thriller thrown in. I'm really enjoying writing it and it'll be out next year.

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