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A romance. What sort of romance?

Thursday 10 November 2011

(This was previously posted on my work-in-progress page)

I am currently editing my novel The Stag Party (working title). I wrote it for the RNA new writers' scheme which I joined in January 2011 so naturally, it's a romance. But what sort of romance? Ah, there's the problem - for me at least.

Apparently, I should know what my novel is, i.e., is it rom com, chick lit, hen lit, historical, inspirational, sweet, get the picture? (If yours is all of these, you may need a rethink). I also need to have a short summation (or speak very quickly) to tell anyone who may ask, what my novel is about.

You've heard the term 'elevator pitch'. This is where (in this scenario) I have to pitch or sell my novel to an agent/publisher in the time it takes an elevator to travel between floors - usually a matter of seconds - in the hope they'll want to hear more/read it. Personally, I don't see why I can't push the stop button, giving myself as much time as I want with said agent/publisher. This may or may not result in them offering to represent me/buy my novel - some people are picky about being held hostage - but it may result in much media attention thus making me a minor celebrity, which may lead to someone offering representation/a contract/a film! I can't see a downside. (All over the world agents/publishers stop using elevators).

My critique from the new writers' scheme said lots of wonderful things about my writing including, ' are very talented and deserve to go far...'. (She may have meant Timbuktu; I like to think otherwise) But, like me, she wasn't sure which market I was aiming at and said my word count was too low at 77,000 for the publishing house I had specified. (I am currently editing/adding a chapter as suggested and generally 'tweaking').

Anyway, my novel contains relationship issues, appropriate sex scenes, modern language, humour, drama, surprises, gorgeous alpha males (I like strong men!), friendship, betrayal, misunderstandings, lots of romance and a happy ending. It's set in a bed and breakfast in a Scottish village with an occasional foray to London. The main hero and heroine are in their early thirties - oh, and there's a dog. So, what is it?

I have the beginnings of an elevator pitch. 'The Stag Party is the story of Lizzie and Jack, both early thirties, both having doubts about their respective partners when they meet and there's an instant mutual attraction. Lizzie owns a B&B in a Scottish village where Jack and his friends go for Jack's stag party.Â

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