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Cover Reveal! Christmas at Wynter House

Sunday 25 August 2019

I'm absolutely thrilled to reveal the cover of Christmas at Wynter House! I think it's such a gorgeous cover and I had so much fun writing this book. The story is heartwarming, funny and festive and I can't wait to share this Christmas romance with you.

I'm especially excited because this is Book One in my new Wyntersleap series. But not only that, it's also interlinked with my upcoming Merriment Bay series too! That means several of the characters are in both series. You'll understand why when you start reading Christmas at Wynter House.

Don't worry, it won't be confusing. And ... to make it even more exciting, there'll be a map showing the villages of Wyntersleap and Merriment Bay so that you can see where everything is. It'll be on my website from 25th September - because that's the release date of Christmas at Wynter House but it's available to pre-order right now.

Here's what it's about:

Christmas at Wynter House

After a frosty welcome, things soon heat up at Wynter House.

Neva Grey is looking forward to spending a quiet Christmas with her family in the cosy cottage they’ve rented in the picture-postcard village of Wyntersleap. Nestled between rolling hills and a gently burbling river, it’s going to be idyllic.

Except it’s not. Torrential rain causes the river to burst its banks and the quaint little village isn’t quite so cosy with water lapping at the doors. Add to that a power cut and a sudden blizzard and Christmas is looking bleak ... until gorgeous Adam Wynter invites them all to Wynter House.

Although not everyone is happy to share the ancestral home. Adam’s elder brother, Rafe is less than pleased. Their grandmother, Olivia extends a grudging welcome. And for Carruthers, the oddly arrogant butler, unexpected guests are a Christmas surprise he could do without. Especially one as troublesome as Neva’s eight-year-old niece.

But something’s not quite right at Wynter House. What is Rafe intent on hiding behind the locked doors of the old barn? And what really happened to his first wife? It’s a good thing Neva has a sense of humour. She’s going to need it this Christmas at Wynter House.

You can pre-order it here. Christmas at Wynter House

And here's the gorgeous cover.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

It's released on 25th September but as I mentioned, it's available to pre-order now.

© Emily Harvale 2019


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