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Emily's Open House
If you’d like to apply for a Harvale Heart key, read below then click this link to apply.

My Open House is my way of saying, ‘Thank You’ to those of you who’ve bought or read my books and loved them. It’s a place for us to have some fun and members will be Harvale Hearts and will be given a one heart virtual key. This will unlock the front door and you will be welcomed in to my kitchen – the heart of any home.

In the kitchen, you can ‘meet’ other Harvale Hearts, and I’ll be there to say hello at various times. There are free puzzles, discussions, book extracts from time to time … and this is also the party room where there’ll be cover reveals, publication parties, and more.

My Library and my Study will be open in the coming months, but will be by invitation only, as these rooms are exclusively for Harvale Hearts who are willing and able to share the love of my books with others. Basically, these rooms are for two different levels of ‘Street teams’. But I’ll tell Harvale Hearts more about those in the coming months.

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There are three rooms

Emily's kitchen


1 heart key
Pop in to the kitchen. This is where most things happen. There’ll be puzzles, games, discussions about life in general and also about forthcoming books. There’ll be short extracts, book news and more. Plus cover reveals and publication parties, and giveaways from time to time. Join Emily and other Harvale Hearts around the virtual kitchen table.
Emily's library


Emily's study


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