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The Perfect Christmas Plan

The Perfect Christmas Plan

Love is the perfect gift

Halleday Snow loves Christmas, and at the age of twenty-nine, she’s still wishing it could be more like the perfect ones she’s seen on the TV. She suddenly decides it can. So she’s making a list, and checking it twice - but it’s not about who’s been naughty or nice - it’s to help her plan the perfect Christmas. Not for herself, but for her widowed mum, Samantha. And Halleday believes that what will really make Sam’s Christmas perfect … is a man to share it with.

Arranging a surprise party for Sam’s forty-ninth birthday five days before Christmas, and finding a selection of single men to attend is easy. Persuading Sam to take time out from the family farm for a complete makeover will be more difficult. And that’s not the only problem - Sam hasn’t worn a dress for years and no one can remember the last time she went on a date.

But Halleday is determined. She'll get her mum a new man no matter what it takes and, with the help of her gran, Ruby, and best friend, Jasmine, she’s sure she’ll pull it off. This Christmas will be perfect because Halleday's made the perfect plan. Sam will receive the gift of love this Christmas whether she wants it or not. But... will she be the only one?

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