1 September 2013

The Valentine Present and Other Diabolical Liberties, online launch party.

I love a party; any party, anytime, anywhere but there's something rather special, in a weird sort of way, about an online virtual party. And when it's an online virtual party to launch a new book, well, that's very special indeed. So as you can imagine I was particularly thrilled when the very funny - as in funny ha,ha (wasn't she an actress or something?) not as in funny peculiar - Lynda Renham, asked me if I'd like to take part in the online launch party for her new book, 'The Valentine Present and other diabolical liberties'. Don't you just love that title?


The party is taking place on Sunday, September the 1st at a Facebook page near you. Well, at the link given here, to be precise. Like all good online parties, there are prizes to be won throughout the day at The Valentine Present and other diabolical liberties, party, one of which is a signed copy of my new book, 'Sailing Solo.'

Unlike Lynda's book which is set in bonnie (but often chilly) Scotland, my book is set in Greece under a blazing sun and beside the cooling waters of the Gulf of Argolis, where Willa Daventry runs sailing holidays for singles.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Scotland as much as the next person but wouldn't you rather be sunning yourself in Greece? I've got a suggestion. Go to Greece for your last-minute holiday and take both Lynda's book and my book with you! You'll then be getting the best of both worlds: a holiday in the sun, and two good reads into the bargain. (She says, modestly!)

Of course, if you'd prefer to holiday in Scotland, there's nothing stopping you from taking our books there too, just make sure you pack your waterproofs as well. Actually, there's no better place to read a couple of romantic comedies, curled up in front of a fire after a bracing walk in the Highlands. Or so my mother told me several times a year when she and Dad bundled us all in the car for our regular visits to our relations over the border. And if I'm going to be absolutely honest, Mum was probably right. Cool

Good luck in the competitions. I'll see you at the party.

© Emily Harvale 2013

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