7 August 2013

Cocktail, anyone?

My fourth novel, 'Sailing Solo' was released at the end of July. It's a humorous romance set in Greece, where Willa Daventry runs sailing holidays for single people from her base at the beautiful, Argolis Bay Hotel.

Willa and her best friend, Blossom, like a drink and Blossom's favourite cocktail is a Screaming Orgasm. Well, who doesn't like those? Laughing

Any hoo... that got me thinking. (I have been known to do that.) Why don't I have a cocktail invented for Willa? So I set off to do some research.

Luckily for me I met the delightful, Tom at my local cocktail bar, 'Walkers', in Hastings town centre, and he agreed to help me.

After extensive research it was a choice of two. The one on the left is similar to a Cosmopolitan and whilst it matched the colour of the title of 'Sailing Solo' and the sail of the dinghy, perfectly, it didn't quite say, 'Willa' to me.

The one on right however, did. I then had to think of a name for it and after much deliberation (and sampling of the product) I came up with, Willashewon'tshe. You'll understand why if you read, 'Sailing Solo'.

In the spirit of sharing and because the, Willashewon'tshe, is just so divine, I'm giving you the recipe:

Equal measures of:

Creme de cacao (chocolate liqueur)
Creme de banane (banana liqueur)
Liqueur de menthe verte (peppermint liqueur)
Shake, pour into your favourite cocktail glass then sprinkle finely grated chocolate on the top
Drink, and repeat the process (or just make a lot in the first place!)

Thanks to Tom and the lovely, Holly for sharing in the fun with me and for posing for these pictures.

Do let me know if you try a Willashewon'tshe, and please feel free to share this recipe with your friends. Cool

What's your favourite cocktail? Have you invented your own? Please leave a comment below and let me know.

© Emily Harvale 2013



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