3 October 2013

Cover reveal - Carole Singer's Christmas

I'm very excited about this, especially as I absolutely looooove Christmas. So let's have a peal of silver bells please and sing along with me to, It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas and I'll unwrap the cover of my fifth humorous romance, Carole Singer's Christmas.

The ebook and paperback will be available to buy on Amazon at the end of October but without further ado. Here it is.

Ta dah!


Huge thanks to Karina of Miss Nyss. I absolutely love her covers. I think this is so Christmassy. What do you think?

I know most of you haven't even started thinking about Christmas yet but I've been thinking about it for months because I began this book in the spring. It's really exciting to see the cover and to know that Carole Singer's Christmas will be out soon. And besides, there are only 82 shopping days to go - until Christmas that is. Carole Singer's Christmas will be out before Halloween. And I bet you haven't even started thinking about trick or treating yet either.

© Emily Harvale 2013

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